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Offically launched

April 21, 2016

Michelle Michau-Crawford

It has been around two months since Leaving Elvis started appearing on bookstore shelves throughout the country. On Wednesday 6th April UWAP, my fantastic publishers threw a small soiree for family, friends and interested people to formally mark the occasion. I was delighted Julia Lawrinson agreed to launch the book. Julia and I share all sorts of experiences, some of which I had forgotten about until her wonderful speech.

I took my camera, but once I arrived at Love House was so busy chatting to all the  people who came along to share the  evening with me, I forgot all about it.  Luckily for me some people had phones. Here’s one of the photos, and there are a few more on my facebook page. IMG_0122

Some real news at last.

November 14, 2015

Michelle Michau-Crawford

I am pleased to share the news that my debut book, Leaving Elvis and Other Stories, will officially be released in February 2016. Available soon from good bookshops throughout Australia, or if you prefer can be pre-ordered directly though the publisher by following this link: UWA Publishing. For those ordering in Australia there is no postage charge incurred using this option. 12218707_10153761607677079_2142340854_o (1)

October update

October 2, 2015

Michelle Michau-Crawford

I’m certainly not one to bombard the blogosphere with information and updates, am I? I guess I had better lift my game a bit. It was way back in March when I announced that my book  was officially being published.  I’m delighted to be able to report that early this week I received the first proofs back and assuming that I didn’t miss anything, there were about ten seconds worth of changes to be made.

The book has a cover design too.There’s a funny story about the first mock ups, but I can’t talk about that yet. And I can’t reveal the actual selected design either. You’ll have to trust me, it is going to look striking and cool, and if you can’t say my convoluted name, you’ll be able to describe the cover to booksellers.

I recently answered some questions for a profile in a magazine. I can’t talk about that yet, either.

See a pattern?

But the book is coming. Soon I will talk about it and maybe people will wish I would shut up. Until then, here’s a silly photo or two of an attempt at getting a more natural bio picture.

_DSC0141 (1)

I think I was saying something along the lines of ‘If I pull the scarf tighter I’ll only have one chin.’ Not the most natural look. I can’t say I habitually walk around with my arms in the air and a goofy expression on my face.

Spring plus me equals sneezing and wheezing. The hay fever was  kicking in by this point. I used to have a little daydream about the Gardening Australia team popping by for a chat. Seeing the nutrient deficient leaves in the background of this one, I hope they don’t drop by this week.

Book News

March 24, 2015

Michelle Michau-Crawford

I am thrilled to announce that my book Leaving Elvis and other stories, will be published in February 2016 by UWA Publishing.

More to come on this soon (I expect). . .

The next wave (part 4): WA women writers to look out for

February 10, 2015

Michelle Michau-Crawford

*Gosh, I had this sitting ready to post for weeks and forgot about it until those weeks became months. I really do need to lift my game! Be sure to check out all the other ‘Next Wave’ writerprofiles too.

looking up/looking down


The next wave is a four-part series featuring exciting Western Australian women writers with manuscripts ready for submission or nearly there. I hope you’ll remember their names and watch out for their published work.

My final two guests are Michelle Michau-Crawford and Louise Allan.

MichelleLR-2Michelle Michau-Crawford

Michelle and I share a love of short stories—and Paris. Michelle recently spent a month there, collects French literature and is currently attempting to learn French so she can read her collection. ‘Despite it being the so-called City of Love,’ she says, ‘it is my favourite place to visit alone.’ Her love affair with the city began by accident on a trip in 2008. Having been a huge Leonard Cohen fan all her life, she discovered he was performing in Lyon two weeks after a conference she was attending in Dublin. ‘I extended my trip, bought a scalped ticket and went to Lyon…

View original post 803 more words

Westerly Launch

November 24, 2014

Michelle Michau-Crawford

The Westerly Magazine Issue 59:2 will be launched  on November 26 2014 by Kim Scott at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery. The magazine, produced by the Westerly Centre at UWA, has been publishing lively fiction, poetry and articles over the last 60 years.

This Special WA/Asian Edition celebrates Westerly’s 60th year of publication, with essays on each decade of its history. It features work by Fay Zwicky, Paul Hetherington, Robert Drewe, John Mateer, Susan Midalia, Simone Lazaroo, John Kinsella and many others.

This will be the last issue for co-editors Delys Bird and Tony Hughes-D’Aeth.

*  Happy Haven Holiday Park, a short story from my forthcoming collection is published  in this very special edition.  Yes, I’m one of the ‘and many others’ and I was delighted to be invited to contribute to this edition of the journal.

Nice press

November 18, 2013

Michelle Michau-Crawford

There’s a lovely article about my recent prize win in the latest Arts Review here:

I love that a story on Frank Moorhouse being honoured by the Australia Council is listed as a related story. If I were the name dropping type I’d segue here into a little vignette about how when I lived in the stinking hot Pilbara I once drove Frank from the local pub to his accommodation in my not-air-conditioned little Barina. He mentioned having not yet any seen kangaroos, so I showed him road kill along the way (cringe).