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Thanks for dropping by. I set up this website before my debut book Leaving Elvis and Other Stories was published early in 2016.  I had every intention of one day updating the scant details on the bio page. Almost eighteen months have passed and apart from last year’s taxes I’ve done everything else on my To-Do list, so I shall have a go.

The original scant details:

I’m a writer, researcher, and sometimes corporate writer and editor. Over the years I have written articles, speeches, poetry, plays, academic papers and book chapters. In 2013 I won the ABR (Australian Book Review) Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize for my story Leaving Elvis. My short fiction and poetry has been published in magazines and journals such as Australian Book Review and Westerly

I have an interest in writing that crosses forms and genres, and am interested in writing as a process not (just) an end-product. Perhaps this is why I don’t feel guilty about all those unfinished projects.

I have a PhD in English and Comparative Literature, and when not writing sometimes teach literature and creative writing  at university level and in community classes.

My debut collection Leaving Elvis and other stories, is published by UWA Publishing .

I currently live in Perth, Western Australia.


The updated version:

Actually, that is probably enough information. Most of the above still stands. Though, unless we are in a long-term relationship I am not available for any last minute corporate writing and/or editing work. And I am aware of the ticking clock, so I try not to faff about discarding projects. While I haven’t ruled out the possibility of again teaching literature and/or creative writing, I am currently not engaged in such activities. Rather, I am going about my everyday life doing the regular stuff that people do, and grabbing every chance I can to work on my next book; a project I cannot talk about because I am incredibly superstitious about such things. I cannot say when it will be finished. It will take as long as it takes.

If interested there’s way more information than you need to know about me to be found on the various pages you can click on around this site, including a filmed interview where I rather embarrassingly forget the spiel about my own book. It is probably better that you don’t click on that. If you want to know anything else writing related, just ask via the contact page. I don’t bite.